Michael Piseno

mpiseno at gatech dot edu

I am a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology majoring in computer science and mathematics. My research interests center around developing collaborative general-purpose embodied AI; in other words, AI that can see and interact with its environment in a broadly intelligent way. I am a teaching assistant for CS 7643 Deep Learning. Additionally, I am a senior class representative in the Student Government Association and a chair on the board of directors of the Georgia Tech chapter of SHPE, where I lead the Profession Experience Program (PEP). I also founded Fractal, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting computer science education in underrepresented communities with a focus on AI.

Previously I was an Software Engineer Intern at Dropbox, a Software Engineer Intern at Facebook AI Research, a Software Engineer Intern at Amazon A9, and a Research Intern at Georgia Tech Research Instutre (GTRI).

On a more personal note, I grew up on the south side of Atlanta, where I attended Luella High School, which is the root of my passion for improving educational opportunities in underrepresented communities. Outside of school, I love snowboarding and learning languages. I have snowboarded all over North America and speak both Chinese (Mandarin) and Spanish at a conversational level. I also spend time volunteering; I have mentored for several hackathons including TreeHacks, HackGT, and Catalyst, and spent time volunteering with the Atlanta Community Food Bank during the covid-19 pandemic.

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  • November 2020 → Accepted an internship as a Research Intern at IBM Research for 2021.
  • July 2020 → Named an Intel Scholar.
  • July 2020 → Named a Tapia Conference Scholar.
  • July 2020 → Named an LSAMP Scholar.
  • May 2020 → Started a summer internship at Dropbox as an Software Engineer Intern working on ML Infrastructure for a new user facing product.
  • April 2020 → Named a Generation Google Scholar.
  • Janurary 2020 → Started a winter internship at Facebook AI Research as a Software Engineer Intern working on Habitat.
  • November 2019 → Named a Cisco Scholar.
  • August 2019 → Named a SHPE Undergraduate Scholar.
  • August 2019 → Started work as a Teaching Assistant for CS 7643 Deep Learning at Georgia Tech.
  • May 2019 → Started a summer internship at Amazon A9 as a Software Engineer Intern working on deep learning models for augmented reality shopping.
  • August 2018 → Awarded an Estelle Z. Blalok Scholarship.
  • May 2018 → Started an internship at Georgia Tech Research Institute as a Research Intern working on signal classification and reinforcement learning.


  • Incoming Teaching Assistant : CS 7643 Deep Learning, Spring 2021
  • Teaching Assistant : CS 7643 Deep Learning, Fall 2020
  • Teaching Assistant : CS 7643 Deep Learning, Fall 2019
  • Teaching Assistant : CS 7641 Machine Learning, Spring 2019

Selected Research and Projects

Selfplay for Curriculum Generation in 3D Object Navigation Tasks

Michael Piseno, Abhishek Das

This is an ongoing research project that attempts to use selfplay to learn object navigation in 3D enviornments, which is a historically difficult task. Other uses of selfplay for curriculum generation have mostly been limited to much more simple observation spaces.

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Political Driving Forces: The Broader Societal Impact of Autonomous Vehicles

Michael Piseno

This is an ongoing project that examines the broader societal impact of mass autonomous vehicles adoption in a political sense, where political is used to refer to the arrangement of people and organizations of hierarchies in society.

Habitat Sim Image Extractor

A static image extraction tool built on top of Habitat Sim, a highly photorealistic 3D simulator. The extraction tool can be easily integrated with PyTorch dataloaders for end-to-end training on images. Part of an internship at Facebook AI Research.

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IBM Research

Incoming Research Intern


Georgia Institute of Technology

Teaching Assistant

Spring 2021; Fall 2020; Fall, Spring 2019


Software Engineer Intern

Summer 2020

Facebook AI Research

Software Engineer Intern

Winter 2020

Amazon A9

Software Engineer Intern

Summer 2019

Georgia Tech Research Institute

Research Intern

Summer, Fall 2018

Honors and Awards

Intel Scholar

July 2020

Scholarship awarded based on merit and need. 10 awarded annually and determined by SHPE and Intel.


LSAMP Scholar

July 2020

Research scholarship awarded for undergraduate research involvement and intention to pursue a research career.


Tapia Conference Scholar

July 2020

Awarded for creating a workshop on Habitat for Tapia 2020 and impact on underrepresented groups from a pool of over 600 applicants.


Generation Google Scholar

April 2020

Awarded anually for impact on underrepresented groups in computer science to 10 students.


Cisco Enterprise Business Group Scholar

November 2019

Awarded to 2 Georgia Tech College of Conputing Students for academic excellence and demonstrated need.

SHPE Undergraduate Scholar

August 2019

Awarded to ~40 students annually for academic excellence and involvement with Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.


Estelle Z. Blalok Scholar

August 2019

Scholarship from the endowment fund of Estelle Z. Blalok. Awarded to needy Georgia residents each year.


HackGSU Prizewinner

September 2018

Awarded for best use of the Authorize.net API; developed a web application that performs object detection using tensorflow and recommends buying options.


UGA Experiential Learning Scholar

January 2017

Scholarship given to a handful of students that demonstrate strong academic ability and faculty recommendations. Chosen by a committee of UGA faculty each year.


CURO Research Assistantship

November 2016

Scholarship given to 500 students each year to participate in faculty-mentored research at UGA.